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Topic Introduction, “My Yoga Journey”

I chose the topic, “My Yoga Journey” for my projects in Com 210 this semester. I chose this topic because yoga is an important part of my day to day life and I always strive to improve my practice and apply the eight limbs of yoga to my daily life. I think this topic will make the content I create more personal for me and interesting for an audience. Not a lot of people know much about yoga, so I hope to be able to create informative and interesting content surrounding the topic in order to both educate and interest others. 

I practice yoga about four times a week and I am taking a yoga class this semester for credit as well. This will make it easy for me to collect raw media such as images, audio, and video. I plan to use images and videos of myself practicing yoga, as well as instructors and other individuals in my class, with their permission. I want to document my individual progress over the semester and collect insight from others who are more experienced than I am. 

For the audio story project, I plan to conduct an interview with one of my yoga instructors. I will ask them how they got into yoga and how it has made an impact on their life. This will make my content more well-rounded because I won’t just be focusing on my own yoga journey. 

For the video story project, I plan to create a video demonstrating a yoga flow sequence. This video will be informative to people who have never practiced yoga before. 

The following links are from my inspiration file:

Yoga journal is a newsletter with many articles surrounding yoga, mediation, and general lifestyle tips. I like this newsletter because it has a wide variety of content from how-to videos, to personal stories. I always learn something new from the articles I read.

Daily Cup of Yoga is a blog centered around yoga and fitness. I love this blog because there are so many guest contributors. I feel like I get a wide variety of perspectives, as well as content.
Elephant Journal is another blog that features articles about yoga. I like this blog because it also has a lot of entries about spirituality, mindfulness, and politics. There are many contributors to the blog, so it’s easy to experience other perspectives and insights.


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